On July 5, a 3-month public consultation on the update of the draft marine water protection program (aPOWM) began. Preventing the degradation of the marine environment, reducing pollution and restoring ecosystems are part of the activities indicated in aPOWM, developed by PGW Waters. The solutions proposed in the program will have a positive impact on water management, maritime transport, fisheries, tourism, but also on the lives of each of us, as caring for the Baltic Sea is our common goal.

During the public consultation on the update of the marine water protection program, everyone may submit comments on the draft document, inter alia, via the on-line LINK form. Details on how to submit comments can be found in the Consultations tab

Activities under the aPOWM project are carried out by governmental units, local governments and various entities whose aim is to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea. It is also activities in which each of us can get involved. Take part in public consultations and Protect the sea with us! The consultations will last until October 5, 2021.

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