"Protect the Sea!" at the 8th International Maritime Congress
16 September 2021
The 8th International Maritime Congress was a place of expert debate on water transport, innovative technologies, ecology and protection of marine ecosystems.
Dozens of bags of waste were collected by the participants of cleaning the Vistula Spit. Let us act together for the sake of water and the Baltic Sea!
10 September 2021
On September 4, on the beach near Mikoszewo, a cleaning action took place on the Vistula Spit. It was attended by employees of Polish Waters. On the banks of the Vistula Lagoon and the estuary section...
Consultations on updating the marine water protection program at the halfway point
03 September 2021
On August 31 in Gdynia, the second conference was held as part of the update of the marine water protection program (aPOWM). Preventing degradation of the marine environment, limiting pollution and restoring...
The competition "Protect the sea. Don't litter ”extended until October 4!
25 August 2021
The pollution of the coast and the waters of the Baltic Sea is becoming a growing problem. To give more people a chance, the competition for entrepreneurs has been extended until October 4, 2021!
Registration for the conference is in progress
12 August 2021
The Ministry of Infrastructure and the State Water Holding Polish Waters cordially invite you to the second conference on the protection of sea waters.
The first month of public consultations on aPOWM is behind us
05 August 2021
A month has passed since the commencement of public consultations on the draft update of the Sea Waters Protection Program (aPOWM).
To what extent will climate change affect the condition of the Baltic Sea?
02 August 2021
The Baltic Sea, compared to other seas and oceans, is a relatively shallow, almost inland water body in the heart of Europe, the geographic location, history and prospects of climate change make it a very...
Ghost nets - deadly traps in the Baltic Sea
23 July 2021
The sea water protection program, updated by Polish Waters, is aimed at ensuring the good condition of the marine environment. Broken by storms and abandoned fishing nets are deadly traps for the inhabitants...
Stop the degradation of the Baltic Sea. Let's protect our sea together!
09 July 2021
On July 9 in Gdańsk, during the "Protect the Sea" conference, public consultations on the marine water protection program (aPOWM), organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and PGW Polish Waters, began.
Let's protect the Baltic Sea together! Public consultations on aPOWM have started
05 July 2021
1233 / 5000 Wyniki tłumaczenia On July 5, a 3-month public consultation on the update of the draft marine water protection program (aPOWM) began.
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