Environmental Impact Forecast

APOWM implementation impact assessment takes into account both the benefits and the negative impact on the environment. The aim of the strategic assessment, in accordance with Directive 2008/56/EC, is to answer the question whether the implementation of the aPOWM program will contribute to the prevention of the degradation of the marine environment, the restoration of marine ecosystems, and the prevention and elimination of pollution of the marine environment.

The environmental impact assessment of the aPOWM project assesses:
• the existing state of the environment and potential changes to this state in the event of failure to implement the draft document;
• the condition of the environment in areas subject to anticipated significant impact;
• existing environmental protection problems relevant to the implementation of the draft document,
• environmental protection objectives set at the international, community and national levels relevant to the draft document, and the ways in which these objectives and other environmental concerns were taken into account in the preparation of the document;
• expected significant impacts, including direct, indirect, secondary, cumulative, short-term, medium-term and long-term, permanent and temporary, positive and negative impacts on the objectives and subject of aPOWM, as well as on the environment.

The environmental impact forecast presents:
• solutions to prevent, limit or compensate for negative environmental impacts that may result from the implementation of the draft document,
• alternative solutions to the solutions included in the draft document together with the justification for their choice and a description of the assessment methods leading to this choice, or explaining the lack of alternative solutions, including the indication of encountered difficulties resulting from technical deficiencies or gaps in modern knowledge.

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