Protect the sea! Gray seal - the endangered pearl of the Baltic Sea
22 April 2021
The Baltic Sea is one of the shallowest and most polluted seas in the world. To protect the Baltic Sea, we improve the living conditions of flora and fauna, including native species of seals. Check what you can do for the sea to make the seals better and protect the sea!
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Save the Sea! A package of strategic actions for the Baltic Sea is being developed
23 March 2021
Preventing degradation of the marine environment, reducing pollution and restoring ecosystems are part of the activities indicated in the update of the Sea Waters Protection Program (aPOWM), developed by Polish Waters.
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Start of the 2nd stage of aPOWM
15 January 2021
Preventing degradation of the marine environment, eliminating pollution and restoring ecosystems - proposals for specific actions in these areas will be the result of the second, key stage of updating the Sea Water Protection Program (aPOWM). It will be accompanied by an environmental impact assessment...
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